Regional roots

Partner to Swiss agriculture

Florin AG is a partner to Swiss farmers. We are committed to a future-orientated and long-term cultivation of oil seeds in Switzerland, as this ideally combines social, economic and sustainable aspects and ideally underscores our ecological local food supply policy.


Environment & Sustainability

  • Maintaining integrated sustainability along the value chain
  • Ensuring the protection of the environment
  • Fulfillment of social responsibility


Download Florin Environmental Guidelines (PDF | 126 KB)



Supply Chain

Upstream activities

  • Maintaining our supplier relationships in order to achieve optimal purchasing conditions
  • We are building on transparent, traceable, socially responsible and resilient supply chains


Download Procurement Policy (PDF | 226 KB)

Palmöl Netzwerk Schweiz


Animal feed

Synergy effects from production cycles

The synergies created from the two interlinked production cycles of oil and fat production and the generation of animal feed have proved to be extremely important. A certain purely vegetable fat content is required in pressed oilseed meal, which is used in animal feed.

Florin oilseed meals can also be purchased through animal feed merchants.