Regional roots

Partner to Swiss agriculture

Florin AG is a partner to Swiss farmers. We are committed to a future-orientated and long-term cultivation of oil seeds in Switzerland, as this ideally combines social, economic and sustainable aspects and ideally underscores our ecological local food supply policy.


Our commitment to sustainability

All business activities and, thus also the entire growth of our company, is geared towards durability and sustainability. We champion the responsible handling of natural resources – from procurement to production and recycling. This fundamental approach is incorporated in our day-to-day working lives – for instance in our CO2 obligation, reduced water consumption and production of waste water, energy-saving measures, waste reduction as well as daily raw material procurement.


Download Florin Environmental Mission Statement (PDF | 1.4 MB)

Palm Oil Network Switzerland




Back to our roots

All oil seeds and imported crude oils are procured within the framework of our Responsible Sourcing Policy and our GMO-free, sustainable (for Palm RSPO Segregated) and traceable supply chain, guaranteed by regular, independent audits on site in the country of origin.

As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we have pro-actively supporting the cultivation of sustainable palm oil since 2006. The main concern of RSPO is to develop objective, transparent and measurable standards for the responsible production of palm oil.

Today, Florin AG exclusively processes RSPO Segregated, certified palm oil, palm stearin, palm olein and palm kernel oil. In addition to the RSPO criteria, we guarantee the traceability of the palm products we use with the involvement of an independent NGO (The Forest Trust).

We also support the pan-Swiss changeover to Sustainably Segregated Traceable Palm Oil and, as the largest domestic processes, are coordinating the best possible changeover of the entire supply chain from the customers' point of view.


  Download Florin Responsible Sourcing Policy (PDF | 0,22 mb)


Animal feed

Synergy effects from production cycles

The synergies created from the two interlinked production cycles of oil and fat production and the generation of animal feed have proved to be extremely important. A certain purely vegetable fat content is required in pressed oilseed meal, which is used in animal feed.

Florin oilseed meals are GMO+ certified and can also be purchased through animal feed merchants.

Download Florin GMP+ certificate (PDF | 383 KB)