Fat blends with additives

A process that guarantees top quality standards

Every fat blend is only as good as its composition. Florin's semi-continuous mixing plant guarantees a consistent mixing ratio of your product – independently of the respective production volume.

Additive suction
Dry materials and high-viscosity additives are guided by a dynamic mixer and continuously mixed agglomerate-free under inert conditions, enabling them to experience immediate and maximum possible wetting.

For greater planning reliability
Customer-specific product mixtures can be individually defined and automated by flexible software to achieve 100% reproducibility of mixtures.

Modular set-up
Process-specific adaptation and use of the system is possible by the modular set-up of the mixing and metering unit, which even makes the production of smaller quantities possible.

Separate hygiene zone
The mixing system is located in a separate hygiene zone and is separated from all other systems by a sluice system, thereby offering unsurpassed product safety.

Fat Blend Brochure

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Organic qualities – reliable and comprehensive

All starting materials for Florin products are carefully selected and are free from genetically modified organisms. We attach great importance to controlling the entire production process and operating and controlling it on our own premises. We therefore guarantee top quality by the selection of seeds and crude oils and the use of careful processes and recommended uses.

The oils we purchase are dual-certified: with the EU organic seal and the Swiss Bio-Bud seal. All Florin organic products have always corresponded to the strict guidelines of Bio Suisse.

As we can guarantee the complete manufacturing process and have in-depth knowledge of the food sector and fat processing, we can also guarantee the production of top organic quality fats. Even without chemical hardening and transesterification and with a limited refining temperature, our fats and margarines retain their taste and consistency characteristics.


Halal – therefore pure

To ensure that our products are also guaranteed as being halal, the end products as well as the raw materials, ingredients and production equipment also need to be free from substances that the Quran forbids.

Halal conformity has to be guaranteed from production right to the end product.

The Florin refinery has been halal-certified since 2009. All Florin vegetable oils and fats can be obtained loose in halal quality.


Kosher – guaranteed vegetable-based

Vegetable-based foods are kosher per se. However, at no stage of the production chain may they come into contact with animal fats and the production process needs to be performed in accordance with certain regulations.

The Florin refinery has been kosher-certified since 2009. All Florin vegetable oils and fats can be obtained loose in kosher quality.

To be able to offer fats in kosher-quality containers (containers and boxes), Florin AG regularly has kosher production weeks in the factory depending on the volume called for (a total of 5-7.5 tonnes), during which compliance with specific regulations can be guaranteed, and which are also inspected by a rabbi.

Our team would like to advise you in person if you wish to obtain kosher-produced fats and oils from Florin AG. The planned volumes and purchasing regularity are of interest to us – as well as the corresponding types of oil.