Specialist and expert knowledge on-site

Whatever you're looking for,

  • An ultra-stable and cost-effective deep-frying fat
  • A special fatty acid composition
  • An oil that retains its quality even at high temperatures
  • Or an oil that is as healthy as olive oil, but with less strong a taste,

As a Swiss manufacturer, we offer our customers in the catering sector a comprehensive selection of high-grade vegetable oils and fats, as well as targeted customer advice.

Our Field Sales team would be happy to answer all your questions relating to the use of our products with its specialist knowledge and make recommendations for their demand-led use. They can offer possible solutions about how to optimise your buying and present new products to you. In the event of any problems, they will be immediately be on hand and happy to deal with your individual requirements.

Reusable system and container

Simple, convenient and environmentally-friendly

Our reusable system is totally geared to the needs of catering and professional kitchens. It not only saves space and handling, it also obviates the need to dispose of packaging. The reusable containers come in two sizes – Topolino and Jumbolino.

Order them directly from your wholesaler – delivered within 5 to 10 days. We take away your empty containers when we deliver the new reusable containers. The empty containers are then washed, dried, re-filled and prepared ready for the next order in our modern washing plant.

Our containers at a glance