Product development

Practical testing of new recipes

10% of Florin employees work in the Quality Assurance and Development department. We continuously undertake practical tests and check the composition and quality of our products in our own in-house laboratory and in our test kitchen and bakery. We also offer to develop individual oil and fat blends for our customers. Florin also supports the food industry by optimising production processes, for example by varying different parameters in a recipe. We meet the most diverse requirements using state-of-the-art laboratory analysis methods, test series and product tests.


Tests and inspections

On behalf of your quality assurance

We would be happy to conduct routine analysis in our professionally equipped laboratory. Or set up specific test series on your behalf, fully tailored to your needs.

Our test kitchen and bakery, along with our professional equipment, is available for practical testing. Naturally, we have multiple certificates and also work under the strictest hygiene conditions (HACCP).



Our specialists' concentrated expertise

The food industry faces increasingly tough challenges with a growing awareness of health, new scientific nutritional findings and statutory provisions. Against this background, our team and its specialist knowledge offers you demand-led approaches using edible oils, fats and margarines. Our greatest strength lies in individually meeting your specific requests and requirements. On request, we would be pleased to offer your specialist presentations, either in our or your premises.