Customised products

Partner for food production

As Switzerland's largest producer of fats, we are the professional and high-performing supplier to the food industry. Other industrial uses of our products include the reverse duty-paid segment (above all the production of salad dressings and mayonnaises), technical applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and animal feed production.


Basic requirements met

Florin AG's services start with procurement of the right starting material – the correct raw materials. As a specialist for the production of oils and fats, we meet the most diverse requests with ease – including the demand for sustainable and traceable raw materials, domestically grown oil seeds or kosher products.


Good influence on product properties

Oils, fats and margarines can all have a decisive impact on the characteristics of food – whether crispy, creamy, crunchy or smooth. They all display very different behaviours when it comes to taste, oxidation, melting and smoke point. The right recipe is therefore crucial for ensuring that the properties you require are allowed to develop, that is to say, it is imperative to define in which form and in which ratio oils and fats are refined, blended or fractionated. The melting and dropping points – that is to say the solidity of the fat at certain temperatures – can be altered in this way. The fact that many food manufacturers collaborate at a very early stage with Florin AG's developers, especially in the planning of new products, shows the significance of this impact on the properties.

Industries/ Case studies

Comprehensively thought-through for every industry

An optimum solution can often only be found if the process and storage conditions of the end product are also considered along with the recipe details. Many problems cannot be perfectly solved without precise knowledge of the process conditions and approximate formulation of the end product. The processing of fats and oils is challenging – we'd be happy to assist with your project, in your premises or factory as well. This ensures that we can immediately detect critical points in the process and, in so doing, optimise the development of a tailor-made product specifically designed for you.